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Lunch Bag Avengers
Lunch Bag Avengers
Lunch Bag Avengers
Lunch Bag Avengers
Lunch Bag Avengers
Lunch Bag Avengers
Lunch Bag Avengers

Lunch Bag Avengers

Model: #AV-AVB00901

Lunch Bag Avengers

Every superhero needs their nutrients, and your little one is no different. Pack your kids a healthy lunch in this super lunch bag, and you can be sure they’ll be zooming through the day!


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Lunch Bag Avengers

Character: Avengers


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Product Features

Color: Blue

Dimension: 20cm(L) x 9cm(W) x 22cm (H)

Light weight polyester material

Water-proof coating with Inner lining

Comes with lunch box compartment

Suitable for preschool use

Thermal insulated inner lining

Delivery within 3-4 working days for local orders

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